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INFN, the italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics, brings together researchers who want to discover the mechanisms of the infinitely small as well as of the infinitely large. For this purpose, researchers invent and develop innovative technologies to perform the most precise measurements that humanity can do.

INFN is one of the most prestigious and important Italian research agencies. It conducts theoretical and experimental research in subnuclear, nuclear and astroparticle physics, and technological R&D relevant to the activity in these areas.

The INFN research activities all take place in a context of international competition and in close collaboration with Italian universities, on the basis of established partnerships, spanning decades.

Milano was one of the four universities that founded INFN in 1951 and since then has always played a major role in collider physics with superconductivity and new acceleration techniques, neutrino physics with ultrapure scintillators, nuclear physics, theoretical physics, as well as diagnostic and medical applications. Milano contributes to experiments in several international laboratories and research centers in Europe and worldwide.